Friday, 1 June 2018


Awesome effort to all the Ruma Tui students who competed in the Cross Country. We were missing Jack S and Liam C. 


  1. Toby enjoyed the running in the cross country.
    Jahzarn enjoyed running around the big track. it was so much fun.
    Jared liked how it was such a long run.
    Zephyr liked running over the bridge made of planks.
    Hunter liked running around the track too.
    Isla liked walking over the planks too.
    Bede liked running through the mud!
    Olivia liked running up the big hill.
    Lucas liked running through the big puddles and down the hill really fast.

  2. Hi Ruma Tui Belinda here well done to all of those students that have come places in the cross country. Next year you might come another place. If you want to check ougt my blog just ctrl cv this into the search bar and go and check out my blog again well done to all of those srudents in your class!!

  3. Hi Ruma tui! Wow! Your students must be lightning quick! Everyone's smiles in the picture are so cute and amazing! Its to bad the sun was blinding all of you!
    Kind regards, Sora


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